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About TSS

The Style Stamp is an online platform that enables you to discover, flaunt and shop amazing fashion and style, curated by our own global community. We bring to you style inspiration from real people and celebrities alike to up your fashion game. We also keep you updated on all fashion events happening in your city-- from exhibits and previews to runway shows, our fashion calendar has it all covered!

How we work

Flaunt it!

Ladies and gentlemen, we want to see your style! Show us your clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories, makeup...we believe, if you've got it, flaunt it!


Our community along with the TSS team, will help you answer your fashion queries. We also want you to share your good/bad shopping experiences, product reviews, fashion bloopers and confessions.


Our tribe of fashion troopers hunt down and chart out the latest trends for you, covering everything from street-style inspirations to makeup, beauty advice, sneak peeks into new collections, runway reports and interviews with designers.


The Style Stamp Marketplace is a platform to buy amazing fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services. It connects fashion lovers, buyers and sellers from all over the world and recreates the experience of browsing through a mall without having to travel from store to store. Shop directly from designers, homegrown entrepreneurs, independent boutiques and brands.

India Fashion Calendar

India Fashion Calendar (IFC) is your one-stop digital resource for all fashion, beauty and lifestyle events happening around you. Simply choose your city and category and get the entire month’s events for you to browse through. You can also sync the events you are interested in to your phone calendar to set up reminders.

Our Team

Anchal Oberoi


Coco Chanel had once said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Well, Anchal did exactly that! She made her fashion-entrepreneur debut with amazingly cropped blonde hair last year. She is convinced that TSS is on its way to becoming one of the most amazing things in the world (trust us, no one can question this belief).

She is thoughtful, witty and okay, a bit methodical. Her always-manicured hands are proof enough! We bet her hands will never tell her age even when she grows 50-years-old. Wait, did we tell you that her eyeliner also is never crooked. We wonder how she always manages to reach work on time with those flawless two lines.

Sidhant Lamba


Sidhant is the true style maven here. He probably has more shoes than Barney Stinson had suits, has a splendid eye for interiors and knows exactly what should go on a food menu. He loves exercising too. A night stroll with his phone is his choice of workout.

Had he not been discussing food, holidays, celebrities, rich kids, diseases, disorders, hypothetical situations and of course style with us at TSS, Sidhant truly believes he would have been a sensational international pop star. Beware Justin Bieber!

Ekta Alreja

Head Content & Strategy

A former journalist and PR consultant, Ekta found her calling with The Style Stamp while figuring out the next food festival for Sidhant’s restaurant. PR meetings went out of the window and TSS found its very own grammar Nazi and spell check tool.

She has a wardrobe full of the best fitting jeans. Really! And when you hear heels staccato down the floor, you know she is in office. 

Ekta also thinks she’s the desi lady version of Michael Schumacher and has probably got away from more traffic policemen than she ever did from teachers in school.

Ashita Arora

Content Manager

Ashita is one person who always manages to pull off a serious-looking face when she is at the TSS headquarters. But when she isn't breaking the internet at work, you can find her grooving to Latin, Bollywood and Punjabi numbers alike at her Zumba class.

She is our very own poster girl for Boho chic. While the rest of us think it’s one trend that can go awry, she carries off her free-spirited madness like a pro. The fact that she sleeps with her music on and has a tattoo that says, 'Sussegad' (a word that refers to the Goan way of life – unhurried and making the best of each passing moment) on her right foot are proof enough!

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