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10 Websites to Score Cool Stationery from, for College

10 Websites to Score Cool Stationery from, for College

Its that time of the year again! New sessions are starting, need for everything new is building up. The excitement level is sky high. Everyone is on a quest to find everything cool, cute and quirky. Be it fashion accessory or daily-use stationery. But where to get these cool stationery from! We’ve got you covered with our top picks from where you can get your own dose of these pretty little things. Their adorable looks makes you wanna buy them almost instantly. (Image:

1. Paperholic

1.	Paperholic

Paperholic, as their name suggests, is devoted to make everything with those oh-so-cute paper that tempts to try their stationery so very much. What they offer is a collection of adorable diaries, artsy notepads, planners and exquisite stationery sets. Not just that they have so much else to offer as well. (Image:

2. Fairy Dust Studio

2.	Fairy Dust Studio

For all the girls out there, this one is definitely for you. By far the cutest stationery we’ve come across. Using vibrant florals, pretty polka dots, pastel colors and anything that makes you go ‘awee so cute’ almost instantly, their notepads, pens and everything is worthy of buying on the spot. (

3. Rubberband

3.	Rubberband

Fashioned carefully to suit the choices of those who love the urban style, Rubberband gives you user-friendly paper products designed by renowned illustrator Jean Jullien. The products are designed using original illustrations and quirky artworks that are one of a kind. They also offer customized stationery as per your taste and requirement. (Image:

4. Artchetype Studio

4.	Artchetype Studio

Looking for motivation while you plan to study? Then this Mumbai-based stationery outpost is your go-to option for sure. The products they offer are designed to reflect your mood, aspirations and increase motivation levels that are bound to make routine tasks interesting. (Image:

5. The Paper Company

5.	The Paper Company

The stationery boutique that brings together the most beautiful and luxurious paper products from around the globe. Their personalized notebooks, agenda planners, notepads are sure to help you stay organized and motivated. (Image:

6. Type 7

6.	Type 7

Combining typography, cute patterns, bright colors and illustrations, Type 7 Stationery staples convert the everyday mundane tasks into fun and exciting. Inspired by nature, food and travel, these are some of the most quirky stationery we have come across. Whether it’s weekly planners, notepads, to-do lists, you name it and they have it. (Image:

7. Letter Note

7.	Letter Note

With their minimalistic and one-of-a-kind design, Letter note’s products are created to "inspire, elate, excite and encourage” their users. Their notepads, organizers, note cards are featured with a witty one liner or a small not-so complicated graphics set against a plain backdrop which gives it a urban look. (Image:

8. Odd Giraffe

8.	Odd Giraffe

If you’re searching for a make-an-impact notebooks and journals, Odd Giraffe is the trend to go for. Their super-cute products will undoubtedly brighten up your mood and your desk when you take notes in class. Not only they offer notebooks, but their stickers are also going to make you go gaga over and over again. (Image:

9. Kulture Shop

9.	Kulture Shop

Founded with a novel cause in mind, Kulture Shop products are designed by the young emerging graphic designers and illustrators. Their merchandise is theme based that spins every month. So make sure you check out their latest trend and indigenous designs every month. Apart from their colorful and jazzy notebooks, Kulture Shop’s Sketchbooks are a cherry on top and must have. (Image:



PropShop24 is defined as a "curator of cool” which anyone would agree seeing their quirky and fun stationery, accessories and gift sets. Besides their in-house designers they are known to combine Indian and international designers to curate their picture perfect articles that you go drooling over. (Image:

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