Are you fascinated by all things fashion and good living? Do you have a personal sense of style that you’re proud of, even if you’re wearing PJ’s and flip flops? More importantly, do you love adding a little bit of yourself to everything you wear or do?

If yes, here’s your chance to work with a happy and passionate lot that is driven to make fashion all about people and not magazines. We’re all stylish in our own way, have our quirks and love our food. We love to say cheers, stalk celebrities, talk holidays, share sensational news and definitely our views … and yes, we love our work! We are up with the fast paced industry, are collaborative and are all set to get better with time.

If this sounds like a team you would like to be a part of, send us your CV on and we will consider your profile when there is a suitable opening. We’re waiting for a stylish super ninja just like you!