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5 Times Ranbir 'Sanju' Kapoor Proved Layering is Everything

They say there is a three-piece rule you should follow in fashion. Be it a light blazer, a denim jacket or simply a shirt, a third piece always adds an exciting spin and completes your look. Yes, we know it’s summer and no, we aren’t joking! There are smart ways of layering even in the blistering heat. Case in point, Ranbir Kapoor and his OOTD’s while promoting his blockbuster movie, Sanju. From light jackets to thin sweatshirts, he’s given his classic, easy style a fashionable spin with cool layering pieces. Here are five of his looks that will give you all the inspiration you need to wear that extra layer, and if these aren’t motivation enough, think of this as the easiest and cheapest way to reinvent your look and repeat your separates.

The Denim Jacket

While a Henley is perfect for a quick coffee or a trip to the mall, adding a denim jacket will take the look up a notch making it a date-ready outfit. Ranbir has paired his essential grey with a two-toned jacket from Versuchkind and has added a necklace and peach sneakers to break the neutrals!

The Mixed Breed Shacket

Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? What it is for sure, is the perfect all-year round piece. This hybrid layer has the functionality of a jacket with its handy pockets and the look of a shirt. Could you ask for anything more? Ranbir chose a muddy green, Yeezy shacket to go with a simple grey T-shirt, off-white pants and high-rise sneakers.

The Handy Hoodie

We’re more than sure that each one of you has a hoodi, handy in your wardrobe all-year round. Paired with shorts or jeans, it’s a go-to piece for the most casual of cazh occasions. But wait. Here’s a cool spin to make it wearable for times when you’re needed to be dressed smarter. Take a cue from Ranbir and layer it over a shirt. Pull up the sleeves and let the shirt give a nonchalant appearance. 

The Light Jacket

Here’s just the inspiration you need for a cool Sunday brunch or maybe even a snazzy dinner. Another Henley and another pair of white pants jazzed up by a reversible jacket from Transit Official and olive leather shoes by O’Keeffe. Noticed the neutral colour palette so far?

The Nehru Jacket

Yes, the rule applies for Indian wear too. A simple striped, black and white kurta that Ranbir wore for a special screening of Sanju, was taken up a hundred notches with a clean, white Nehru Jacket to make the look ready for big Ambani engagement party. One additional layer and voila!

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