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Celeb Approved Gym Looks That Are Easily Re-creatable!

Celeb Approved Gym Looks That Are Easily Re-creatable!

Post Author : Taniya Arora
Published Date : 08-28-2019

Our Bollywood celebs have a big hand in making the gym culture so much more fashionable. Every day we spot the B-town shindig gracing us with our post-workout sweat. And while these celebs are most often than not dressed in designer finery, it’s here outside the workout place that we see them driving our relatability meter. With no makeup, and beaming in their post-workout sweat, not giving a damn about haters. Except that their clothes are enviable to be very honest.

From bright neon tops to sexy sports bras that give us a full view of their steel-like abs, they are always motivated to run that extra mile on the treadmill. So, for all the lazy bums out there, here are a few looks you can replicate before you start working out. And if these looks don’t motivate you to pick up a dumbbell, we don’t know what will! 

1. Orange is the new black

1.	Orange is the new black

Take inspiration from Sara and pick up bold colours like orange and pink for your workout wear. These will not just look fun but will motivate you to get up and work at least a few times a week.

Bottoms -

Top -

Chappals -

2. Strut like it’s a runway

2.	Strut like it’s a runway

The Queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut can’t be far behind even when it comes to workout wear. She choose to wear a sports bra in white paired with white tights and her bottle making a guest appearance. 

Sports bra -

Tights –


3. All Black, always yes!

3.	All Black, always yes!

If you’re one of those who just can’t wear colour, black is the safest bet. Pick up a nice pair of shorts and a sports bra (it’s an essential, girl!) and let the workout commence.

Tights -

Sports bra -

Slippers -  

4. All White Monochrome

4.	All White Monochrome

Let Janhvi Kapoor, Bollywood’s gym junkie let you know how to ace the look before starting her workout. She opted for this all white look, and here’s how you too can look like her.

Tights -

Vest -

Shoes -

5. What Monday Blues?!

5.	What Monday Blues?!

Haters be hating, Janhvi be gymming!

Since the young lad spends a majority of her day at the gym, she gets an honorable second mention on our list. This tie she ditched white and went for blue, to drive out all those Monday blues. A sports bra, a pair of shorts and that candid smile is she needed to ace the gym fashion. 

Sports Bra –

Shorts -


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