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Things that we are looking forward to in TVF Tripling-2!

Tvf Tripling opened up a whole new world of "a slice of life” experiences to the viewers. This particular "road trip” with siblings, gave us characters, family drama, emotions, and the anthem of the month "Mada Faqa” by Chitvan. Some hilarious moments and heart to heart revelations between the characters is what made the story so gripping yet relatable. Today, we list down the things that we are excitedly looking forward to in the second season of "Tripling-2”, which airs from 5th April 2019.

1) Did our “Beautiful Baba” finally find the one?

Sumeet Vyas’s character gave all the elder siblings "that’s so true!” feels. From battling a divorce, to trying to take up responsibilities and be the perfect elder brother; his awkwardness and confusion made us all swoon over him. In the upcoming season of Tripling 2, we wonder if he finally finds the girl he would like to be with! And also if he can finally accept the fact that Chitvan has dyed his hair blue.

2) Which profession has Chitvan chosen to take up next?

Chitvan’s erratic and unconventionally funny attitude is what we all wish to have. From being blunt and bold, to taking life as it comes his way, the passion and his love for family, is what makes his character so special. His shockingly pleasant surprises and cheeky one liners are an absolute delight on screen. We wonder which profession has he decided to take up next in the series. And also if we get to listen to more creative jams.

3) Is Chanchal still playing the “Adarsh Maharani”?

Chanchal portrays the typical character of a confused woman in love. She married the man; whom she dated since college, and dreamt of a beautiful life with him. However he grew a moustache much to her dislike and has started paying more attention to family business and politics. Trapped in a family in the midst of a desert where she is expected to behave like a perfect "maharani” and have kids, Chanchal’s desperate attempt to break free and have fun is what caught our attention. We look forward to seeing how she progresses with her relationship in life. Will she give up or continue working on her marriage?

4) Has Pranav grown his mustache back?

Pranav’s character was unique in its own way.  He was respected and looked up to by people and his family. He built the character of a perfect politician and a responsible humanitarian amongst his community. However his helplessness and willingness to work on his marriage and pay attention to Chanchal’s needs is what created an "awww” moment for us. We wonder if he will grow back his moustache though!

5) The addition of new characters!

We wonder what characters will Kubbra Sait, Gajraj Rao and Shweta Tripathi play in Tvf Tripling 2. Will there be more drama and fun or will we see an entirely new plot unfold in the storyline? Let’s keep the anticipation going and binge watch the season at its earliest!

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