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LGBTQ : Brands Challenging the Stereotype through Genderless Clothing

LGBTQ : Brands Challenging the Stereotype through Genderless Clothing

Post Author : Aditi Ashok
Published Date : 02-21-2020

Fashion, for time immemorial, has been a reflection of society’s cultural temperament at any given point in time. From women (during the second wave of feminism) opting to sport what was then termed as ‘masculine’ in a successful attempt to claim agency to present-day clothing trends bleeding through gendered boundaries, the Indian fashion industry is rightly pegged to be increasingly gender-neutral. Today, it isn’t out of the ordinary for a male Bollywood star to strut down red carpets wearing a skirt or a dutifully up-to-date fashionista to pose in a blazer borrowed from her father’s closet.

Queer style is more than just a trend. It is a social revolution, one of the strongest yet a very silent kind of protest for being the person you wish to be. As the Supreme Court has decriminalized homosexuality in a landmark judgment, we raise a toast to the steady rise of the genderless fashion.



Every once in awhile, along comes a fashion label that has the power to permeate set barriers and dissolve all stereotypes. ’Anaam’ is one label that breaks away from rigid barriers, prescribed norms, and is in every aspect, a body that has a soul of its own.

Anaam specializes to work with concepts and transform them into tactile pieces.
Through the design process, it envisions its creations to play the role of healers- providing the wearer with freedom, comfort, and intangible yet very aware emotional empowerment.

Creative Director and Founder(Sumiran Kabir Sharma)

Bloni Atelier

Established in 2017, at Bloni we believe in modern ethical luxury that transcends clothing beyond creativity and imbibes it with a purpose that is unique to our clients.

Our bespoke process encourages nurturing ideas, allowing our customers to understand and create a self such that the garments become an extension of their personality, with each piece meticulously handcrafted using traditional techniques practiced via sustainable processes.

Bloni launched its flagship store at Chattarpur, New Delhi in Nov 2018 where it offers its bespoke, couture and its prèt-à-porter lines.

BOBO Calcutta

BOBO is ready to wear label headed by Jeet Shahi and Ayushman Mitra that concentrates on making art available to people in the form of wearables. More than fashion, it is the concept of the prints that the apparel carry which makes the brand unique in its own way. This print has been developed from paintings by Ayushman Mitra. The split face motif that appears in a lip lock is the central pattern in the first collection, which draws inspiration from the concept of
universal love and equality. These kissing faces stand as a symbol of
liberation and one’s right to love by choice.

The brand also challenges the concept of gender dressing and stereotypes.

Two Point Two

Two Point Two as a brand is Agender and aims to create a third identity that stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both. So we incorporate the colors, details, and silhouettes which might be categorically considered feminine or masculine and we form an amalgamation of both, thus blurring the line differentiating the two.

We understand and accept that anatomy differs among the genders but Two Point Two believes in uniting and celebrating these differences instead of restricting people based on them. The thinking of associating things with something obvious or stereotyping is what we want to annihilate. Also, the oversized nature of our clothing plays on the fact that the same garment could be worn by people of different shapes, sizes, and genders. Thus, removing the importance of the differences among them; because the things that unite us are greater than our differences.

The Pot Plant

Sanya Suri and Resham Karmchandani’s label The Pot Plant’s take on gender fluidity is an unconventional one. Their approach towards gender fluidity falls under the larger realm of sustainable fashion. While propagating the idea of minimizing waste. "We put a ‘100% human’ tag on our clothes to show that our clothes can be worn by any gender,” said Karmchandani. The Pot Plant’s vision is based on the idea that clothes can be shared, repeated, re-invented and should not be classified based on gender.

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