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Exploring the 'Bong Couture' this Poila Boisakh!

Clothing is a big part of any culture and with the Bengali New Year or as we call it Poila Baisakh is right around the corner, we feel it is the perfect time to indulge in some pretty & traditional Bengali drapes! Big and bold Kohl-eyes, adorned foreheads in bindis along with a Sari are atypical to describe the aesthetics of Bong beauty. When it comes to dressing for Poila Baisakh, there is nothing more elegant and chic than a traditional Indian sari (clichéd but undebatable!). Here’s a list of ‘bong couture’ you can opt for, perfect to rock the Poila Boisakh look:


The Social Butterfly: Tussar Silk

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We have thought to release our saris collection with stories.And this inspiration I have got from amritpritam whose novel I used to read lot when I was in college and from my favourite radio vivid Bharati which I used to listen a lot.. . Soon we will decide the days and we will publish our stories with our collection.i wish I will be regular on this and you will like our stories.. So stay tuned with us for our stories collections... . . Chakoriethnic presents handwoven tussar sari in natural dye colour. . Available on given in bio .. . Photoshoot-@vin.thor . . #chakoriethnic #chakoriethnicsaris #tussarsilk #tussarsaree #sari #saree #handwoven #handmade #style #jewelry #ethnic #ethnicwear #fashionblogger #indianwedding #elegant #slowfashion #sustainablefashion #indianfashionblogger #bihar #artisans #bangalore

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The Social Butterfly: Tussar Silk is an exceptional favorite among the Bengali women and also most opted for when it comes to a light traditional ocassion. Tussar silk sarees are light weight and sits very easy on the skin too, making it a win-win choice for summer traditional wear. Opt for a long-sleeved/ or sleeveless blouse, throw in some chunky jewelry and you are good to go! The texture of the silk adds on to the chic factor, so feel free to go for any color without risking the OTT factor.

Draped in Dhakai

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The Heritage Jamdanis from Dhaka, Bangladesh are one of the finest of handwoven sarees. Jamdani was declared Bangladesh’s first GI product thereby mandating only those woven in Dhaka to be called Dhakai Jamdanis. The authentic Dhakai jamdanis are always on pure cotton. The incredible intricate work take days or months to create and requires minute attention to details all through the weaving process . In 2013 UNESCO has declared the craft of making jamdani sarees an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity . #dhakaijamdani #bangladeshidhakaijamdani #handwoven #cotton #jamdanisaree #handloom #RevivingHandloom #handloomedwithlove #handloomlove #saree #sarees #sareelove #indiansaree #silksaree #sareelover #slowfashion #slowfashionblogger #slowfashionmovement #textiles #textile #textiledesign #handwoven #handwovenfabric #weddingsaree #dhakaijamdani #bangladesh #jamdani #festivalspecial #thefareastartstudio #london

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Draped in Dhakai- Jamdani is one of the finest muslin productions and is woven with mix of silk and cotton with floral or figure designs on the entire body part of the saree. When exploring the ‘bong couture’ Dhakai Jamdani is a must have in your wardrobe. Light weight in texture, soft on skin, partially sheer and airy, adding breathability to the skin, makes it perfect for a Poila Baisakh lunch/ brunch outing. Team up with a brocade/raw silk blouse and accessorize with some gold/ pearl jewelry to complete the look.


The Minimalist: Taant

The Minimalist: Taant is usually the most common and widely worn handloom sari and is mainly attributed for its broad red anchal and the entire body with hues of milky white. It is available in different patterns and motifs of floral, buti and gamcha designs. Puff sleeved blouses are typically the popular view when it comes to taant, you can improvise with bold shades of red or golden when it comes to pairing with a blouse, or stick to monochrome shades too. Accessorize with some simple gold jewelry to pull off the beautiful yet minimalistic look.


The Stunner: Garad

The Stunner: Garad takes the centre stage and are the expensive ones in the category of taant, korial or the traditional red and white saree genre. Garad is your star pick if you want to go traditional yet luxe. The border design on Garad sets them apart from the basic Taant and the texture adds to the gleam and glamour. Team up with bishop sleeve or puff sleeve blouses, and add some chandelier earrings to the mix to ace the quintessential bong look.

The Star Silhouette: Matka Silk

The Star Silhouette: Matka Silk is the finest in the category of pure silk fabric family, available in a variety of rich and luxe designs. The texture is a little rugged yet gives off a vey strong shine. If silk is your silhouette, then Matka Silk is your go-to outfit for a Poila Baisakh dinner. These sarees come in a multitude of artworks, so just pick accordingly. Team up with a designer blouse, stud earrings, clutch bag and jutis (or Kolahpuris) to look all dapper and beautiful.

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