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Gifts to Present to your Loved ones for Valentine's Day!

Post Author : Adrija Banerjee
Published Date : 02-10-2020

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than to pamper your loved ones with some exclusive gifts. From bath and body products to exotic flowers and plants, this season it is all about expressing your love. Today we list down 5 brands from which you can shop cool and quirky products. Check them out and make this Valentines Day memorable! 

1) The Greenish Plants Co.

1) The Greenish Plants Co.

Plants and Flowers are an excellent way to express your loved for that special person and we have just the right option for you.
Incepted for a Social Cause to protect Cows - We formed The Greenish Plants Co.
Our whole idea is to use plants innovatively for your personal spaces/ offices/gifting concepts etc.
With an idea of "No Cut Flowers,” we have developed "plant bouquets " which are perennial and will last throughout!

Call or WhatsApp :- 9810615224/ 9911508800

Email -

2) Blyss Bath~Handcrafted With Love

A thoughtful blend of finest natural ingredients and time honoured remedies define Blyss Bath’s range of products. Set afloat in the summer of 2018, the brand is an amalgamation of handcrafted bath & body essentials that include Natural Soaps, Aura Enhancing Bath Salts & Lip Balms, Bath Bombs and Body Butters Etc.
With love for skincare and beauty, Pranjall Dhir launched Blyss Bath with a unique selection of nature’s finest ingredients that have a magical power to heal body, mind & soul. The divine elements are carefully identified and infused in the products through essential oils, herbs, natural butters, clays, fragrances and other botanicals.
Everything is made in the workshop under careful guidance so that we know what’s gone into them! Our handmade range is super gentle on skin, parabens free and not tested on animals.The brand is passionate about reducing the amount of synthetics people unintentionally rub into their skin.
Let’s get the world back to basics because there’s something satisfying about using natural products on your skin! Everything under the brand is whipped with love and sprinkled with happiness.
Be Blyssed!

3) Forever Rose London

World’s longest lasting 100% natural roses from Forever Rose London, are now available for worldwide shipping. The best part about these roses are that they do not require any watering. This in turn, is a brilliant hack for people who are in a rush! If you are in the mood to splurge a little beyond your average budget, then this is the perfect gift to check out! 

4) Bath and Body Works India

There is nothing better than a date who smells good right? This Valentines Day, gift your partner an amazing collection of perfumes and fragrances from Bath and Body works India. Pick and choose from your taste and type to cherish the gift for a lifetime! 

5) The Man Company

The Man Company offers a wide range of beauty, grooming and utility products for all the wonderful men in our lives. This includes exotic fragrances, skincare products and much more! This Valentines Day treat them with the best products and watch that face lighting up! 

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