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Gorgeous Cupcake Platters to serve at your Wedding!

Post Author : Adrija Banerjee

Cupcakes are a visual treat to the eyes and thankfully, there are a zillion ways to decorate your cupcakes according to the theme and taste. Weddings are an excellent way to present with a dose of sweetness to your guests and cupcakes are the perfect option. From botanical to galaxy themed, today we list down 5 cupcake platters to serve at your wedding! 

1) Botanical Cupcakes

Botanical Cupcakes are an excellent option for the couples who like to keep it simple, minimal and in touch with their inner "Boho" side. Dainty floral leaves, flowers of different buttercream frosting is the perfect option to take your taste buds to heaven! 

2) Galaxy Cupcake Platter

To take the desert game to a different level, and consider going the "starry" way with a galactic desert platter. These blueberry stuffed cupcakes are something that your guests will appreciate long after the event is over. 

3) Sprinkler Cupcakes

If you are someone who has a lot of "tiny tots" attending your D-Day, then this one is going to be a sure shot hit. Sprinklers are something that people of all age groups love and when combined with vibrant hues, this party poper is going to rule the desert counter! 

4) Fresh Fruit Cupcakes

To keep it raw, and simple, decorate some vanilla frosted cupcakes with whole fruits and mint leaves for a finishing touch. This will not only be a rustic yet simple touch to your menu, but will also kick start the taste buds of many. 

5) Gold n Glitter Cupcake Platter

The ultimate chic cupcake platter is the one with a colour palette of gold and glitter. Customize it with the initials of you and your husband while opting for gold leaves/gold powder dust on the vanilla/lemon frosting. This will add beautifully to the entire setup. 

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