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The Best of`Fashion from #TheStyleStamp Community

The Best of`Fashion from #TheStyleStamp Community

What better place to get fashion inspiration from, than the mecca of the most beautifully styled outfits. Get ready to take down some style notes as we put together the best OOTD’s from the fashion stars of the TSS Community.
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Work to Wine Ready

Nothing spells effortless sophistication more than the colour white. But if an all-white outfit is a little drab for your liking, jazz it up in right measure with a statement, printed jacket like Sheena has here. One addition and you’ll be ready to take on those work meetings just as stylishly as those vino nights with the girls!

Blocking the Winter Blues

Cold winter days bringing in the blues? Let your wardrobe come to the rescue. Take some inspiration from Naiya and let the bright separates spill into the cold months. Colour block the grey dull days.

Drapes for the Win!

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कार्तिक की रातें November Nights  Day 3 : ऊषा से ठीक पहले । Usha se theek pehle (Just before the dawn) . Saree : @selaiswag Top : @uktieveryday Earrings : @thetasslelife . This look is inspired by that moment when night meets the day, just before the crack of dawn. The saree symbolizes this meeting with its black and grey stripes. The top colours symbolize the flame of the night-lamp or diya. When the oil is about to finish after burning all night and the diya is about to extinguish, it burns brighter and shows more colours. The earrings speak of the cheer in the air with the arrival of a new morning : the sky colours before the sunrise and the chirping of birds. . A poem by the legendary Hindi poet Jayashankar Prasad describes this time of the day beautifully. He had used the word 'Vibhavari', one of the synonyms the night, in this poem. He says that 'the night has passed and I urge you to rise!' . It would be impossible for me to translate it, all I can say is that he has used unique metaphors and also personification to describe dawn in this poem. In the last line he says - 'why are you still dreaming of Vihag', probably a reference to the midnight Raga I talked about yesterday. . . बीती विभावरी जाग री! अम्बर पनघट में डुबो रही तारा घट ऊषा नागरी। खग कुल-कुल सा बोल रहा, किसलय का अंचल डोल रहा, लो यह लतिका भी भर लाई मधु-मुकुल नवल रस गागरी। अधरों में राग अमंद पिये, अलकों में मलयज बंद किये तू अब तक सोई है आली आँखों में भरे विहाग री। - जयशंकर प्रसाद . . To see the previous appearances if the saree and blouse keep swiping. . . #desidrapes_novembernights #novembernights #blackandyellow #stripesandflorals #colourpop #metaphor #hindiliterature #hindustanipoetry #jayshankarprasad #hindi #indianwriter #mumbai #mangalgirisaree #conceptfashion #fashiontheme #saree #handloom #iwearculture #indianculture #poetryandfashion #makingrepeatwearcool #repeatingclothesissustainable #repeatwear

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We at TSS are all for making the saree, every young, urban Indian woman’s go-to outfit, coz well, #SareeNotSorry. If you’re looking for some inspiration to hop on to the wagon, here’s our pick. Isha Priya Singh has paired an understated striped monochrome saree with a riot of colours with this floral peplum top, adding just the perfect amount of drama to make this look supremely stylish. High on the comfort meter, and style meter!

Indie Chic

The next time you wear a dress to a night out in the city, try giving your style a little twist. Mashaba Majumdar shows you exactly how, buy switching a regular neckpiece with an indie, silver one.

The Essential Third Layer

Looking for ways to take the most outfit casual outfit from a 0 to 100? Dust the drabness out of it with a duster jacket. We love how Manvi has instantly switched her basic white and black outfit into an effortlessly cool one with a maroon duster.

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