Content Guidelines

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Content Guidelines

We don't encourage

  • Sharing website links and page links to any social media or contact details in the post description. This is allowed in our market place.
  • Promotional content in the post description (which is to smartly endorse yourself, your own or a friend/family's brand).
  • Food Porn. There is a plethora of food forums to entertain your love for food.
  • Household items such as water bottles, jars, planters, lunch boxes, swings until we launch our living and home section.
  • Electronic appliances such as laptops, invertors and generators. You get the drift.
  • Posting pictures of toys and games.
  • Inappropriate pictures of children.
  • Photographs with inappropriate use of the Indian Flag. We are patriotic and respect our flag.
  • Discussing wardrobe malfunctions. Let's be respectful and not make controversies out of mishaps.
  • Pictures exposing the pubic area, genitals and women's nipples.
For any queries and why your posts are getting deleted, please contact us on or call/text/WhatsApp us on +919717479460

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