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(Please keep these in mind while you are uploading images and videos on The Style Stamp)

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We are patriotic and respect our national flag, hence do not allow images with inappropriate use of the Indian flag.

Let's be respectful and not make controversies out of mishaps. Discussing or sharing wardrobe malfunction is strictly prohibited.

Uploading pictures that expose pubic area, genitals and women's nipples are prohibited.

Uploading or sharing of any obscene or vulgar nude images or videos related to children is unacceptable.

Uploading/sharing pictures or links containing the picture of animals, human internal organs etc is strictly prohibited.

Uploading/sharing anything related to narcotics, drugs or any other banned substance by govt. of India on our website.

Any content related to surrogacy, massage, human trafficking, prostitution, smuggling, arms and ammunition, crackers etc.

The sale of white goods like electronic and home appliances such as washing machines, Invertors, AC, etc./p>

Pictures and videos exposing the pubic area, genitals and women's nipples.

Want to know how to make the most of Read the Image and Video guidelines and know what can make you popular on our community! Great pictures mean faster and better sales on! Things to keep in mind:

Visuals do the talking for your products! The first image that appears as cover for your listing should be appealing enough to attract buyers.

Upload more than 2-3 images of your product to help buyers see the zoom view and different angles of your product.

Blurred or cropped images might not get your products any views.

To attract buyers, upload images that have a clear view of your product. Our suggestion: your product image should cover 80% of the image area.

It is advisable to have the dimensions etc mentioned on the images for the convenience of the buyer.

To avoid conflicts and discrepancies later, make sure that the images you have uploaded show all the items in the package.

The images that you are uploading on The Style Stamp should be your own images. We discourage using client or your friends’ images without their consent.


Get started! Happy selling!

Things to keep in mind if you are uploading a video

Your video should be related to the product.

No obscene or vulgar or nude video content will be tolerated

Upload short and clear videos because well, you know, content is the king!

Try keeping your video duration for less than two minutes. Short videos keep the audience entertained!


Follow these guidelines to get more likes and become popular on the ‘Flaunt’ section of

Share your personal Style, OOTD, makeup, grooming tips and hacks. We also don’t mind a sneak peek into your favourite home corners or luxury spaces!

Upload appealing images to attract more likes and comments.

Avoid posting blurred or cropped images

All images are subject to TSS Approvals. We reserve the right to delete any post, picture, link or comment that we in our wisdom or choice consider inappropriate, unattractive or otherwise not compatible or in-sync with TSS guidelines.

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