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Frequently asked questions
What is a card?
A card on the TSS website gives you a running start to sharpening your style. Every picture that appears on your feed is called a card. Use these cards to discover trends, tips, hacks and shop your favourite products. You can also save the ones you like. Create your own cards for all that you would like to share on the website. Feel free to share these cards with your friends as well.
I am not able to like or comment on a card. What should I do? Do I need to create a profile on The Style Stamp?
To like or comment on a card, you need to sign up with The Style Stamp. Once you have logged in, you can interact with all the cool features on the website.
How do I create a profile on The Style Stamp?
Click on the Login/Signup icon on the top left corner of the website. Fill in your details and you’re all set to discover, flaunt and shop. Alternatively, you can also login with your Facebook or Google account.
Can I create an account under my brand/label’s name?
We like to see human profiles as they are more exciting and interesting for members to view.
How can I view my profile?
Once you have logged in, you will see your name and profile icon on the top left. With a click on the icon, you can view your profile and your collection of cards (created, received and saved)
What is ‘Discuss’?
The Discuss card is meant for all the fashion and lifestyle related information you need. Want to know where a particular product is available, need recommendations on a designer, good hairstylist, make-up artist, a royal beard-groomer, a bespoke tailor for a classy tux or just simply suggestions on how to get rid of that pesky zit? Ask TSS! Our community and team are here to help solve all your queries. You can also share with the community your good/bad reviews about a product, brand, designer or service.
What is Flaunt?
We love to see everyone’s style and take inspiration. Ladies and gentlemen, with this card, show the community your personal style, clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories and grooming hacks. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!
What is ‘Features’?
The ‘Features’ card is your daily style update. Our tribe of fashion troopers hunt down and chart out the latest trends for you, covering everything from street-style inspirations to makeup, beauty advice, sneak peeks into new collections, runway reports and interviews with designers.
How can I create a card?
Once you login, click on the top left card on the home page that reads “Create a Card. You can choose the kind of card you want to create.
  • Post your query or share a review using the ‘Discuss’ option. Upload a reference picture if you have one, enter your question or review and submit.
  • To share your personal style, choose the ‘Flaunt’ feature.
    • Click on ‘Add Photo’ to upload a picture. You can then crop it and add filters.
    • Add a suitable headline and a description if needed. Submit the picture and you’re all set to flaunt your style
What is a saved card and how can I save one?
From the daily fashion feed you get on your home page, you can save the cards you like. Simply maximize the card, click on the bookmark icon on the bottom, save it and get back to it whenever you want.
What is a received card?
A card sent to you by a friend on the community is a received card. It could be something they think you might love, should know about or just to share a laugh.
Where can I see my saved cards, received cards and my created cards?
Click on your profile on the top left corner and select ‘My Collection’ from the drop- down menu. Here you can view your saved cards, received cards and created cards.
How can I share/send a card?
Each card that you see on the TSS website can be shared with your friends on The Style Stamp and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also email a card (no we aren't old school, we just thought of numerous ways for you to spread the word about TSS) and send it through WhatsApp. To share a card, simply hover over it and you’ll get all the share options to choose from.
How can I delete a card that I have created/saved/received?
To delete a card, click on your profile on the top left corner of the homepage. Go to ‘My Collection’ and simply click on the delete button on the card.
How can I search a card?
Our website content is updated every day. We suggest, you use the search icon if you are looking for something specific, for instance, a crisp white shirt dress or a makeup trick to make your eyes look bigger. The search icon on top right comes to your rescue when you want to save time and don't want to see the entire homepage feed.
I don’t like this card. What do I do?
If you find a card inappropriate or offensive, you can report it to The Style Stamp. To report a card, click on the card to maximize it and then click on the icon with three dots that you see on the top right. The icon also gives you the option to hide a particular card you don’t want to see on your feed.
How do I report a user who is using my personal or copyright information/impersonating me/ not adhering to TSS guidelines?
To report a user please write to us at info@thestylestamp.com
Where do I find The Style Stamp on social media?
You can find us with our handle - @TheStyleStamp on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. You can also join our Facebook group, ‘The Style Stamp’ on https://www.facebook.com/groups/1590195731236038/ and be a part of our ever growing fashion community.
How can I collaborate with The Style Stamp?
We would love to partner with you. Check out the ‘Advertise with TSS’ section for more information. Or simply write to info@thestylestamp.com
I want to work for The Style Stamp. How do I go about it?
Check out our ‘Careers’ section to know more about current job openings and how you can apply.
How can I get regular updates from The Style Stamp?
To get a weekly dose of what’s doing the rounds in the fashion world, subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


What is the marketplace?
The Style Stamp Marketplace is a platform to buy amazing fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services. It connects fashion lovers, buyers and sellers from all over the world and recreates the experience of browsing through a mall without having to travel from store to store. Here you can shop directly from designers, independent boutiques and brands.
Do I need to sign up on The Style Stamp to sell my products?
Yes, you are required to sign up to sell your products.
How can I sell my products here?
Under the Marketplace tab, click on the top left card that reads ‘Sell Your Product’. Upload pictures of the product you would like to sell. We urge you upload different angles of the product to make it convenient for buyers. Add the product name, description if any, price, your contact details and you’re good to go!
Does The Style Stamp facilitate payment, delivery and return of products?
The Style Stamp only connects buyers and sellers. Mode of payment, delivery and returns are to be taken care of by the two parties involved. TSS does not facilitate nor take responsibility of the any of the afore mentioned.
How do I report a seller’s card/post?
If you find a seller’s card inappropriate, offensive or unethical you can report it to The Style Stamp. To report a card, click on the card to maximize it and then click on the icon with three dots that you see on the top right. The icon also gives you the option to hide a particular card you don’t want to see on your feed.

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