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Stationery Brands That Will Get You Excited For Back To College Season

Stationery Brands That Will Get You Excited For Back To College Season

Post Author : Taniya Arora
Published Date : 08-14-2019

Years ago there was a whole bunch of people writing thank you notes for their loved ones, scribbling away their to-do list on personal notepads with sharpened pencils. This is before technology took over and brought about an age where today, no one even carries a pen! However with this new age, stationery has undergone some massive changes that we can’t help but love. So here are a few bespoke stationery brands that will get you excited for the back to college season!

1. Artchetype Studio

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🌸// We at Artchetype Studio, bring to you, A View From The Top. A collection of desk essentials created to inspire and empower you to live your best life every day. We have a variety of Notepads, Planner Pads, Memo Blocks, Quote Cards and curated + discounted Hampers to liven up your workspace. Our curated Hampers are a perfect gift as we kick off the festive season with Raksha Bandhan. Order your Hampers today, to make sure their arrive in time for Raksha Bandhan. We hope you enjoy everything we have created for you! All the products are available on our e-store, please feel free to DM us or text us for any assistance! Have a wonderful day! HAPPY PLANNING! —————————————————————————— #Artchetype #ArtchetypeStudio #MakeInIndia #StationeryAddict #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay #Exhibition #PlannerAddict #GirlBoss #AnnualPlanner #Stationery #WorkspaceGoals #Magic #StationeryAddict #Entrepreneur #DeskEssentials #DoWhatYouLove #Follow #DreamBig #Love #InstaLike #Selfcare #ShopNow #Mindfulness #SelfcarePlanner #PlannerMadness #GiftBox #Gift #MindfulnessPlanner #PlanningWithArtchetype

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Putting a wee bit of aesthetic to your workspace, Artchetype Studio believes in creating small personal spaces and objects to reflect our moods and our aspirations.  

2. Nappa Dori

The joy that writing brings, becomes twofold when we do the same in a hand handcrafted leather diary. Nappa Dori is known for its logbooks, notebooks, and writing instruments. Hand-crafted out of luxe leather, their stationery is considered no less than a collectable.

3. Chumbak

While snazzy prints and a whole lot of colour might not be your cup of tea, a few (including us!) love them and Chumbak stands exactly for that! It’s not for the faint-hearted. It is jazzy, out there and if you need stationery to brighten up your day, here is where your find ends.

4. The Paper Company

An online stationery boutique is what defines The Paper Company. They are focussed on handpicking the most beautiful and luxurious paper products from around the world and bringing them to Indian shores.

5. Type7

Fun, colourful and motivational, that’s Type7 stationery for you. They believe in creating beautiful artwork by combining typography, pattern and colour, thereby re-imagining everyday objects with their designs, making them unique & fun.

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