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The Style Stamp
The Style Stamp

5 Days of Durga Puja Lookbook!

Festivity in its grand form is observed in the 5 days of Durga Puja. Starting the pandal hopping plan, from months before, to sorting out the clothes, the aroma of festivity lingers in the air. While we start counting days from the crack of dawn at Mahalaya and tearfully bid adieu in Dashami, the "new clothes” charted out for different occasions play a huge role.

Join us on this beautiful "look book” video, where we get you covered on the entire ensemble to dance the day away on "dhaak” beats!

Clothing Partner - Chetan Gupta

Jewellery Partner - Daagine by Seema Kumar

Makeup Artist - Megha Kapur

Hairstylist - Anjali

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