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Mini-Moon – Weekend Getaway Resorts from Delhi!

Mini-Moon – Weekend Getaway Resorts from Delhi!

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With the wedding season in full swing, an important part about the "honeymoon” planning usually requires a lot of time, effort and money. With the constant work-life balance, pressure and juggling between wedding functions; the couples end up being exhausted. Today, we bring to you, 5 beautiful resorts, to visit for a weekend getaway from Delhi! Sit back, unwind and relax on this beautiful "mini-moon” for a little break!  


1) Karma Lakelands – 53 KM from Delhi

This plush new retreat located in Gurgaon, offers luxury, comfort and peace on a silver place. With exceptional hospitality and an amazing ambience, this golf resort makes it a perfect escape for couples!

Starting price: INR 5,580/-

Best Features: 

There are games like squash, tennis, badminton, and pool.

The perfect indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The relaxing spa therapy and gym.

2) The Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake – 63 KM from Delhi

Nestled in the Aravalli Hills over 20 acres of land, The Taj is a resort property, perfect for couples who are looking to spend some time relaxing and clicking pictures in scenic locations. It is also perfect for couples looking to spend some time amidst nature and luxury. The property has a massive banquet space, fashionable ambience and decor, a huge pool, playground area, and seemingly endless lawns.

Starting price: INR 10,637/-

Best Features:

The ambience makes it an ideal location for pre-wedding shoots!

It’s a hit among honeymooners owing to its secluded location and natural surroundings.

3) The Westin Sohna Resort – 64 KM from Delhi

The Westin Sohna is a wellness resort located near Delhi NCR. Surrounded with lush green landscapes, charming water bodies, and elegant architecture, this is one spectacular visit for couples.

Starting price: INR 9,673/-

Best Features:

The elaborate spa has a wide range of treatments including Thai, Balinese, Chinese, and Ayurveda massages.
Retail therapy at shops featuring designer and lifestyle products.

4) Surjivan Resort – 29 KM from Delhi

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#Repost @wanderingcreative (@get_repost) ・・・ The vibrancy called India ! Tucked in a small hamlet of tauwdu, near manesar is this jewel called Surjivan resort, the place is a true example of passive architecture, rustic vibrancy and Indian architecture values. The hospitality is warm, food all home grown and sumptuous and detailing simple. It’s these jewels that make our country Vibrant, it’s a photographers dream and had I not been on our yearly off site, I would have been clicking some great pics, for which I plan to come again soon. #incredibleindia #incredibleindiaofficial #backtotheroots #indian_photography #india_gram #india_shots #rustic #vibrantindia we #indianphotography #harayana

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This resort is located in the closest proximity from Delhi; making it a favourite spot for couples, wanting to get away from the wedding madness. The resort has a village like set up with thatched roofs and clay walls; however, all necessary amenities are kept intact. If you are looking to explore a homestay feeling; this comfy resort is a must visit.

Starting price: INR 5,177/-

Best Features:

Enjoy the meals in quintessential rural custom with floor seating with typical Rajasthani cuisine.

There are numerous activities like Village Safari on tractor, Gun shooting, Rappelling, Zip lining etc. There are also a few cultural programmes.

5) Best Western Resort Country Club – 45 KM from Delhi

This massive Resort is an excellent place to unwind, and de-stress from the innumerable wedding festivities. A short distance away from Delhi, this resort offers excellent facilities to make the stay memorable. With a wide cuisine range, explore your taste buds as an additional bonus!

Starting price: INR 5,654/-

Best Features:

Waking up amidst nature and scenic beauty.

Chilling out in the swimming pool.

Various other sports activities.

A wide range of cuisines!

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