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Weight Management Clinics In Delhi NCR

Weight Management Clinics In Delhi NCR

Post Author : Taniya Arora
Published Date : 05-12-2019

Obesity today, has become one of the major health concerns amongst people. Long working hours, a sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy food habits and no rest, all of this are some of the causes of weight gain.

If you google for some weight-loss tips online, a million results will show up. You ask a friend or two about it and they will list at least a dozen, in one breath. However even while you will be loaded on some wanted and unwanted advice on losing those extra kilos, you need to make a choice of what suits you. Let’s make one thing clear, no advice or change is gonna make you a celebrity overnight. And if anything promises you this, it’s definitely bad for your health. Weight loss is a slow and gradual process. Your body will take time to adjust to the changes. And to make these gradual yet effective changes there are various weight loss clinics, that give you the proper guidance you require. So for all those people living in Delhi NCR, here are a few weight management clinic you can visit.



1. VLCC 

On of the very well known clinics offering scientific weight loss solutions. And not just that, it also offers beauty, skin, hair and lifestyle solutions to your everyday problems. Vandana Luthara Curls and Curves (VLCC) was founded in 1989, and has since brought about a holistic approach towards weight management.

Address : B-4/52, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi - 110029 & other locations.


2. Youthful Secrets 

One’s daily activities is what makes or breaks his lifestyle. With an aim towards bringing a healthy lifestyle, Youthful Secrets is one clinic that offers a variety of programs for weight management. They aim to understand one’s day to day activities, lifestyle, food habits and work in order to bring about a permanent lifestyle shift.

Address : No. 11, Main Vikas Marg, Bharti Artist Colony, Near Nirman Vihar Metro Station, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092






3. Dr. Shalini’s Diet And Wellness

Dr. Shalini’s Diet and Wellness centre focuses on blending weight management along with overall wellness of the individual. The aim is to integrate the well-being of the mind, body and soul, along with the goal of managing one’s weight.

Address : C-802, Brindawan Garden Appt,Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi

4. Fitness First India 

Now most of you would recognise Fitness First as primarily a gym. However it is basically a health centre along with a host of all kinds of physical activities, not just limited to the gym. Along with gym, it also offers its customers weight management services. From dance sessions, to yoga and pilates, the options are too many to choose from.

Address : 2nd Floor, Hamilton House, A Block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001 & other locations.


5. Sure Slim

Another new place that promises to help its clients in managing weight related issues. This clinic located in Rohini provides expert guidance according to your body that will not just help you lose the weight, but also stay on track with the changes made.

Address: 1st Floor, Shop No 7, Dda Gole Market, Rohini Sector 9, Delhi – 110085

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