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5 Makeup Artists in Delhi for Bridal Glam Under Rs.30,000

5 Makeup Artists in Delhi for Bridal Glam Under Rs.30,000

No dazzling lehenga can alone fulfill a bride’s dream to look her best at her wedding. It’s
always that flawless base, perfectly contoured face and a luscious pout that takes the look from a 100 to 200. Get the job done without breaking the bank, and well, the satisfaction
takes the look a notch higher. If you’re looking for a bridal makeup artist in Delhi on a
budget, here are our five picks, who will do the job and nail it in under Rs.30,000. Here’s
bringing you closer to your savior!

Prienou Behl

If you’re the kind of bride who wants the latest trends translated into her bridal makeup,
here’s the MUA to book. Having worked with brands like MAC, Sephora and Kiko Milano,
Prienou is up with every makeup style that is the current rage. But working trends the right
way while making your individuality shine out, is what she does best. For her, it’s about
enhancing one’s natural beauty, but with an edge and an attitude. Preinou charges Rs.
30,000 for bridal makeup and Rs.20,000 for party makeup.
Get in touch with her on 91.9654612825

Srishti Anand

We won’t be surprised if you’ve seen Srishti’s name pop up on a popular influencer’s page.
Yeap! She’s worked with them all. And if there is one thing we’d point out about her work
from their looks, it would be that perfected base! Natural, dewy and absolutely flawless. If
clean, minimal yet supremely stunning is the look you want on your big day, you now know
who to reach out to. Getting your bridal makeup done by Srishti will cost you Rs.30,000, and she charges Rs.12,000 for party makeup. Get in touch with her on 91.9871780033

Karishma Karsania

Scan through Karishma’s profile and you’ll see the magic that a perfectly chiselled face, and
rosy cheeks can do. Top that with bold and beautiful eyes and you’ve got yourself a winner
of a D-Day look. Expect the best of HD makeup products, hairstyle, draping, and faux mink
lashes, all included in her charge of Rs.24,000. A Temptu Airbrush makeup costs another
Rs.4000. Karishma charges Rs.6,500 for party makeup.
Get in touch with her on

Priyanka Wadhawan

Certified by makeup experts like Kennedy Hoffman and Pooja Khurana, Priyanka has made
her mark in a short span of time. She has learned all too well that makeup should only be an extension of your personality, rather than a way to transform yourself into a different person altogether. While she works with your needs, and more importantly what suits the occasion best, we absolutely love her signature gold eyes! Priyanka charges Rs.19,000 for bridal makeup and Rs. 9,000 for party makeup. Get in touch with her on 91. 9899374075

Neha Chhabra

When the makeup artist’s mantra is to ‘create the best version of yourself’, you know you’re in the right hands. Keeping the face minimal with a fresh, natural glow, Neha Chhabra’s USP is dramatic and flattering eye makeup - metallic eyeshadows, intense black smokey eyes,slick liners and fluttering lashes, all with elegance. Expect the best of products and more importantly, just the right products that go specifically with your skin type, tone and shape. Bridal makeup by Neha costs Rs.30,000 per function, and if you want your family and friends to also get dolled up by her, she charges Rs.12,000 for party makeup. Get in touch with her on 91.9899116884

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