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5 Themes for the perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Post Author : Adrija Banerjee

Pre Wedding shoots are all the rage in the wedding industry right now. From majestic ballgowns, to quirky food trail shoots, the millennial generation is open to experimentation and going all the way for the "Gram." Pre-Wedding shoots are also a great way to bond, have fun together and create memories for a lifetime. Today, we list down 5 Themes to check out, for every couple who are looking for some major wedding inspiration! 

1) Wanderlust

This one is for all the travel freaks out there. If you and your partner give major "travel goals" through your images, then there is nothing better than an outstation pre-wedding shoot! Explore from breathtaking mountains to shimmering beaches and be your candid best! 

2) Pop-Backdrops!

For all the couples out there who wish to add a bright pop of colour to your photographs, opt for some bright, neon coloured backdrops! From quirky posters to sneaky slogans, take the experimentation up a notch! 

3) Graphic Lines and Clip Art!

An unconventional way to make your pictures quirky and memorable is by playing with some graphic lines, fonts and clip art. This one is bound to be a sure shot hit with the audience! 

4) Candles, Lanterns, and Lights!

For those of you, opting for a night/evening shoot, don’t forget to include a lot of pretty candles, candle holders, and lights! Play with silhouettes and shadows to take full advantage of the lit up night sky for a dreamy effect!  

5) Classic Monuments

Couples who prefer a more traditional approach in their photoshoots, can always go for a foolproof method. Shots at dawn, overlooking a beautiful monumental structure can never go wrong. Have fun and do it your own way without the additional stress! 

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