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DIY Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas To Make Your Entry SHAANDAAR

DIY Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas To Make Your Entry SHAANDAAR

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Every bride dreams of making a grand entry at her wedding. With soft music playing in the background, escorted by her brothers, she walks towards her groom, taking her first step towards her new life. It signifies the love and care under which she has grown up. It’s like the dreamy part of walking towards your happily ever after.

However, for that dreamy bridal entry, you don’t need to spend a fortune on your picture perfect pholon ki chadar. You can easily DIY one yourself or maybe assign it to your bff. In any case, we’re here with some ah-mazing ideas for you to try and get your perfect phoolon ki chaadar in no time. (We’re sure you won’t be done thanking us after reading these!)

1. Add those Kaleeras!

The simplest way of making your very own, personalized phoolon ki chaadar is to add some bling-y elements like kaleeras to it. You can either go overboard or maybe just stick to tying a few at the edges. Any which way, it will definitely add that edge to your regular dupatta!

2. Flower Power

Flowers are the easiest way to make your bridal entry even more memorable. Instead of using a dupatta, you can opt for a wired mesh and heavily decorate it with flowers that match your lehenga. Picture perfect is what your entry will turn out to be! 

3. Quirk It Up with parrots!

If you’re the bride that likes a bit of quirk, you can opt for some parrots on your chaadar, for your special day. Decorated with flowers and cute parrots in yellow, green and red, this chaadar has to be our favourite!

4. Umbrellas to the rescue

If traditional chaadar is not something you prefer, you can definitely make a statement by choosing something completely different, like umbrellas. Take our word when we say that, it would surely make everyone sit up and notice. Also, some flowers never hurt anyone! Go overboard, it’s your day after all.

5. Dreaming about dream catchers!

How about adding a bohemian touch to your wedding with some dream catchers. Yes, you heard us right. Just tie these feathery beauties to your usual phoolon ki chaadar and get your guests gazing in awe, while your mom goes teary eyed!

6. How about origami art?

Who would have thought that a simple thing as an origami art could be another way of making a stunning entry on your wedding. Remember the art & craft classes you attended in school? Well, it’s time you go back to those techniques and put them to some good use. With those colourful hangings, this chaadar has our heart!

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