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Unconventional Mehendi Designs for the New Age Bride!

Post Author : Adrija Banerjee

Intricate Henna Designs are a sure shot hit with the new age brides, and we are absolutely loving the creativity that is involved in the design process. Conceptualizing themes, styles and bringing out the best of the "henna art" on one’s D-Day is something that all brides look forward to. Today we list down 5 Unconventional Mehendi Designs for the New Age Bride!

1) Arabic Style

This is quite a popular style for women who want a symmetrical design on their D-Day. This includes following a pattern leaving a specific amount of area on both the sides. Usually the fingers are the main focus on an Arabic Style. 

2) Symmetrical

Following a Symmetry in your Henna Design can take the whole art up a notch. Choose from an intricate to simple design option and get ready to be floored with a lot of compliments! Don’t forget to discuss about your options beforehand with the artist!

3) Boho Art!

The Boho Style is a great option for all the Bride "chillas" out there who are ready to try something crazy and fun. If you are someone who is up for experimentation a little more, opt for white henna as well!  

4) Outline Henna Art

Outlined Henna Art is another great way for minimalist souls. Brides, who are not very fond of "Henna" can try out this style. In this design concept the henna is not filled inside of the outline and the main focus is on the pattern. Brides to be, book your artists already! 

5) Floral Pattern

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Floral Patterns are an excellent way to bring out the "flower child" in you. It is also a great way to incorporate a little bit of tradition and geometrical patterns in your henna. With the wedding season in full swing, go and start prepping for your mehendi functions now! 

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